Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rainbow Cell Phone Sleeves

So a friend at work asked if I could make her a few cell phone sleeves after seeing a project I was playing around with for Rich's phone.  She got the Red Heart Super Saver "Mexicana" color yarn, and I have to say, it is AWESOME!  I was skeptical at first that the it could make a decent project, but OMGoodness I love how it turned out.

Unfortunately my picture quality right now isn't the greatest, as I'm working with an iPad and smartphone for cameras, but they work for the time being.  The first two came out with these perfect swirly rainbow stripes, completely by chance, and I LOVE IT.  So I decided to try to make a larger sleeve, and got a different interesting result.

I like the kind of ripple effect it took, and no matter what I do I can't seem to duplicate it!! I've tried starting at different points in the color changes in the yarn, increasing and decreasing the starting row of stitches, so much but no success in a repeat of Sleeve 3. 

Anyway, this is a basic breakdown of how I did these.

Size H (5.0mm) Crochet hook
Red Heart Super Saver in Mexicana
I didn't really take a gauge, just had the phone's measurements.  
This is worked as one continuous piece no slip stitching between rows.

Ch 11 (or just long enough for width of phone/device plus 1 chain)

Extended single crochet (ESC) in 2nd ch from hook. (To do an ESC, insert hook and pull up a loop. Y/O and draw through 1 loop on the hook, Y/O again and draw through remaining 2 loops on hook.)  ESC in each stitch until the end, then turn work upside down so you can work into the bottom "unused" loops.  ESC across to end and slip stitch into the first ESC. 

Ch 1 and esc in each stitch, going completely around and not turning work.  I put a stitch marker into that first stitch so I know when I've completed a row.  

Complete enough rows so it is just taller than your phone/device. Ch 1 and pull through tail to finish off.  Weave in ends and all done! 

I worked up 3 in no time at all.

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