Sunday, November 3, 2013

Everything needs a place

So I've been really enjoying all my crochet projects.  Something inside me makes me feel incomplete if I have less than 5 going at once.  Currently in progress:  a black and pink diagonal striped baby blanket for a friend, a light green and gold/cream squared lap/throw blanket, "market" or "beach" bags/totes, a pile of dish cloths, a box of baby booties and hats, warm winter teen/adult sized hats, slippers for Rich's cold feet (he's mean with those things!) and a pile of butterfly, fan and filet bookmarks.  Yeah.  Lots.

There is a yarn shop just a short walk from the apartment that I've been meaning to go to, but have heard they're pretty expensive but carry intriguing yarn.  Like Alpaca!  Most of my projects just use Red Heart (that I soften up with fabric softener) Caron or cotton yarn like Peaches and Cream.  I like to do it as inexpensive as possible since I'm not yet set up to sell my creations on Etsy or at craft fairs yet.  Maybe if these all start helping pay for themselves I'll indulge with some unique yarn.

So anyway, most of these projects that I write out have only been tested by me, so if you do undertake any of these projects and there are any mistakes you think you see or are having difficulty feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to clarify.  Most of my projects I also post to Ravelry under my usual name, Shezzyla.

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