Saturday, December 14, 2013

Skulls, Blankets, Motifs, Overload

I never thought I'd admit to having too many projects going at once!  I am feeling slight pressure since a lot of these need to be done and shipped before Christmas (11 days left on the countdown) but I haven't completely freaked out yet.  The flu has tried to keep me down, work picked up a bit and pulled me from my true calling of being snuggled on the couch watching the snow fall as I crochet, lol.

So some of the projects are done, others that aren't as pressing are sitting lonesome trying to call to me.  Here's what I've been doing the past month!

Well, this baby blankey is finished.  I love the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, its sooooo soft and plush its nearly ridiculous, lol.  Unfortunately my lighting was poor because of weather, so the true colors are not 100% here.  When it stops snowing I'll take some pics outside.  I've completed one in the "Peachy" colorway (pictured) and nearly done with a boy version in the "Little Cosmos" colorway.  This is a link to a great  video that walks through how to start this one solid granny square using the same kind of yarn.  I found it after I discovered the original pattern meant to be made in multiple squares and joined like traditional grannys.  I don't think this yarn would work up well that way, but it was spectacular for one giant one that is about 28" each side.  I love this project so much that when I get these listed to Etsy there will be an option to order custom.

This is one of the 6 motifs I have done for a baby sized "snowflake throw."  I am using the pattern found here at   Here is a great video tutorial that helped me through some of the confusion.  If you haven't noticed, I love Mikey!  I am finding it easier to do all the centers first then deal with the edging when I get tired of looking a the white.  I'm not doing the full sized afghan that requires 35 motifs right now, I do plan to in the future but using Vanna's Glamour and a dark blue or dark purple variegated yarn.  For now I plan to do the blanket in 3 by 4 motifs.  Estimating it will come to approx 27"x36".

This is one of my back burner projects since I don't have an immediate order or anything for them, but I am letting some ideas marinate in my brain.  For example, the original design is here.  The page is in Swedish, but that is ok because if you scroll down the picture tutorial has the directions under it in English.  I'm not a fan of shawls personally, but would consider taking that project on as a custom order.  I wish I saw the picture tutorial before I followed the instructions I found for the standalone square here.  It is still a great pattern and I found it very easy to follow and understand, both designers did a great job!!  So since I plan to post whatever comes of these to Etsy, I'm not sure I'm going to divulge everything rolling through my brain, but check back and be amazed after the holidays!

So sitting here and blogging is not getting my projects completed, lol.  Not pictured I have a "From the middle" blanket I'm working on in Caron Simply Soft.  When its finished I'll post pics and links to the pattern.  I'm also working on some smaller items to list on Etsy for under $15 gifts.  The usual dish/spa cloth bundles, fancy bookmarks, potholders, hacky sacks, random applique sets and the like.  I doubt I'll get them listed before Christmas which is a bummer, but late is better than never!  There are always craft fairs in the Spring to look forward to!